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German courses in Heidelberg

Language school in Heidelberg

The language school in Heidelberg was established in 1988 and is located in the midst of the vibrant centre of the university town. The school building offers a fantastic view over the old town, the castle and the Neckar river valley. With its 30 classrooms (in summer up to 60) with the best multimedia equipment, 3 internet rooms with 50 computers and wireless internet connection, a small library, and naturally thanks to its central location in Heidelberg, the language academy fulfills all criteria to convert the language lessons into a memorable experience. Due to its international nature (over 90 different nationalities a year!) the school is a unique starting point to encounter foreign cultures.
The language school in Heidelberg is an officially recognized training centre for the telc-exams (The European Language Certificates), TestDaf and DSH certificates.

Learn German in Heidelberg

Starting dates & Levels

Course levels (A1, A2, B1, B2, C1)
1 level = 8 weeks

Starting dates for A1 level (Beginner)
13.01., 03.02., 02.03., 06.04., 04.05., 08.06., 06.07., 20.07., 03.08., 17.08., 07.09., 05.10., 02.11., 07.12.2020
All the other levels: any Monday

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German language course in Heidelberg

In the language school in Heidelberg it is possible to choose between intensive courses and private lessons. The intensive courses are courses for groups with 20 or 30 lessons (45 minutes) per week. The groups consist of 6-10 participants and are offered in up to 6 different course levels. It is also possible to combine different courses. All courses are offered during the whole year, additionally summer courses for children and young adults (aged 6-17) are available.
The focus areas of the courses – depending on the course level – are as follows:

  • buildup and development of communicative abilities
  • improvement of the oral and written expressiveness
  • development of the listening and reading comprehension
  • German grammar
  • improvement of pronounciation
  • regional and culture studies.

Course levels

The language school in Heidelberg offers all course levels: starting with a total beginner course and ending with the perfection level. The level indications of all courses are consistent with the European frame of reference. This way, after a level test, homogeneous groups can be built so that nobody gets bored or feels overchallenged during the study process. Levels and duration:

  • German A1 (= 8 weeks)
  • German A2 (= 8 weeks)
  • German B1 (= 8 weeks)
  • German B2 (= 8 weeks)
  • German C1 (= 8 weeks)
  • German C2 (upon request)

Decision about the course level is made before arrival with the help of the school personnel. If necessary, one can also take a short oral level test on the first day of class. We are going to discuss the results with you. In general, it is possible to change the course later.


Heidelberg is situated in the picturesque Neckar river valley, south of the Odenwald, and is characterised by a very mild climate. In the course of history the beauty of Heidelberg has attracted many poets, painters, and scientists. In the early 19th century the city has developed to the most important Romantic centre of Germany. The university town Heidelberg was founded in 1385 and is therefore the oldest university in the German-speaking world. It attracts a vast amount of students from all over the world every year.
Almost every day – in summer even twice a day and on weekends! – a varied leisure program is offered. This way, students have the opportunity to participate in a variety of cultural and free time activities in Heidelberg. The participation in the activities is for free, excluding entree fees and drinks.
Heidelberg: a place where you can learn languages. Just languages? No….lots of different cultures come together here – from America to Japan, via Europe and Africa. There’s a good study atmosphere here – we learn nice and steadily. Thanks to the intensive method of teaching, we can already speak German in just a short time. I’m really satisfied and my advice is: Come, there’s a whole new world waiting for you!
Dario Miguel, Portugal

Accommodation and Arrival

Arrival: Sunday before the course starts
Departure: Saturday after the end of the Course

Student dormitories and student shared flats: the rooms are furnished, kitchen and bathroom are shared with other students, bed clothes are provided. All accommodations are controlled regularly. WiFi available.

Private households / host families: a single room, can be booked with breakfast or halfboard.

Hotels / hostels / apartments: hotels in all price categories are located not far from the school.

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German courses in Heidelberg

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