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German language courses in Cologne

Language school in Cologne

Language school in Cologne
The language school in Cologne is located close to the city centre in the so-called Südstadt, a district well-known for its lively atmosphere with many little shops, bars and restaurants. The school itself is situated in a former monastery and consists of 9 bright and quiet classrooms on two floors, a student library, office, a little cafeteria and a nice garden – ideal for the breaks. There is a free internet access and WiFi for all students at school, as well as homework assistance is available in the afternoons.
The language school is recognized by the «Bundesverband deutscher Privatschulen» (VdP), the Swedish student aid organization CSN, and other local institutions and universities. It is an official examination center for the European Language Certificates (www.telc.net).

Learn German in Cologne Germany

Starting dates & Levels

Course levels (A1, A2, B1, B2, C1)
Starting dates for A1 level (Beginner)

06.01., 03.02., 02.03., 30.03., 04.05., 02.06., 06.07., 03.08., 31.08., 28.09., 26.10., 23.11.2020
All the other levels: any Monday
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German courses in Cologne

In the language school in Cologne it is possible to choose between intensive courses and private lessons. The intensive courses are courses for groups with 24 or 32 lessons (45 minutes) per week. The small groups consist of 6-12 participants and are offered in up to 5 different course levels. It is also possible to combine different courses. All courses are offered during the whole year, additionally summer courses with an extensive program of leisure activities are available.
The focus areas of the courses – depending on the course level – are as follows:

  • buildup and development of communicative abilities
  • improvement of the oral and written expressiveness
  • development of the listening and reading comprehension
  • German grammar
  • improvement of pronounciation
  • regional and culture studies.

Course levels

The language school in Cologne offers all course levels: starting with a total beginner course and ending with the perfection level. The level indications of all courses are consistent with the European frame of reference. This way, after the level test, homogeneous learn groups can be built so that nobody gets bored or feels overchallenged. Course levels and duration:

  • German A1 = 8 weeks
  • German A2 = 8 weeks
  • German B1 = 8 weeks
  • German B2 = 8 weeks
  • German C1 = 8 weeks

Decision about the course level is made before arrival. If necessary, a short oral level test takes place on the first day of class. We are going to discuss the results with you. In general, it is possible to change the course later.


Cologne is the oldest of Germany’s big cities. More than 2000 years of history have left their mark on Cologne. And it is not only Cologne’s famous cathedral – a gothic masterpiece – which bears testimony to times gone by. Numerous buildings, sculptures and gardens provide a vivid impression of the old Cologne. Today Cologne is a modern, lively and cosmopolitan city: hub of trade fairs, university town and – with its many radio and television centers and over 350 film and TV production companies – the unquestionable media capital of Germany. In the evenings Colognes vibrant nightlife will tempt you with its countless clubs and trendy bars.
I had one of the best times of my life there, while studying German, living it up in Cologne. I felt they really placed a special emphasis on using efficient and creative teaching methods, making their students learn something new everyday, getting along with the others and feeling comfortable when speaking, writing, expressing yourself in a foreing language.
Lucas Díaz, Bilbao Spain

Accommodation and Arrival

Arrival: Sunday before the course starts
Departure: Saturday after the end of the Course

Shared flat:
Normally your get a single room in a flat that you share with German flat-mates. All flats provide self-catering facilities. Kitchen and bathroom are shared.

Host family:
You will have many opportunities to practice your German and get to know German culture and lifestyle first hand. You will have your own room, but naturally you can use the common kitchen & bathroom, laundry, TV, garden, etc. You can book a room with breakfast or half board, if necessary.

Bis bald! See you soon!

German language course in Cologne

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Fees & Dates

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