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German language courses for children and teenagers at the Bodensee

Age groups 11-14 and 15-17

Summer courses in Radolfzell

If you are looking for a language camp for your children in Germany, then Radolfzell is the ideal location for kids in their summer holidays who want to combine learning German with a varied leisure program, like musical dance and hip hop moves or football.

Lake Constance (Bodensee) is an attractive holiday resort with lots of exciting things to do.

In July and August language school in Radolfzell offers an international Summer Camp for girls and boys from 11 to 14 and from 15 to 17 years old. The mornings are spent learning German and in the afternoon there are lots of activities in our adventure leisure program of sports, games and fun. Naturally there is round-the-clock supervision for our kids.

Leisure program and Excursions

Children 11-14 years old

1) Summer Dance Camp Learning different moves to rhythmic music is a great way to improve the motor functions and coordination of young people, as well as giving them more self-confidence! This international camp combines learning and dance. All participants get a dance outfit they can take home with them. It goes without saying that we provide round-the-clock supervision for your children.

2) Football Camp The Football Camp takes place at the FC 03 Radolfzell Football Club grounds. Passing, dribbling, feigning and of course scoring goals: for three weeks football fans, both girls and boys, from all over the world practice ball skills under the supervision of an experienced trainer. In the camp the youngsters can learn German not only in the classroom, but also apply it in a German speaking environment. While they are playing football, they can play an active role in a team and practice team spirit and social competence.

3) Further activities Combine a German course with a varied leisure program – at the German Summer Camp in Radolfzell on Lake Constance. Lake Constance is an attractive holiday resort with lots of interesting things to do – a great place to make the most of your summer holidays. We provide a supervised leisure program in the afternoons and evenings. On Saturdays there is a full-day excursion.

Young adults 15-17 years old

You’ll meet girls and boys over 15, who are motivated to learn German, do extra sports, go on trips, and would also like to do things independently. Besides swimming, beach volleyball, doing inline-skates, also on the program are rock climbing or bike riding trips. On Saturdays there is a whole day trip to Freiburg, Stuttgart, Munich, or to the leisure park in Rust.

Radolfzell is located in southern Germany right on the banks of Lake Constance in a splendid vacation landscape just a few miles from the border with Switzerland. The lake offers wonderful opportunities for swimming and sailing, boating and all kinds of water sports. Take a bike tour of the Black Forest, or travel by ship to neighboring Switzerland or to Austria.

The school offers excellent classes at all levels. The teachers are very well prepared and motivate the students. The fact, that there is homework assigned every day and at the end of each week there is a test, is a very good way to consolidate what has been learned in the class. The meals are also well organized. The housing is very nice. The afternoon activities are carefully planned and are an opportunity to make friendships.

Elena Orletchi, Rom, Italy

Accommodation and Arrival

Arrival day: Sunday
Departure day: Saturday

Children 11-14 years old:
Participants stay together with their camp counselors at the “Lochmühle” adventure farm in Eigeltingen, about 20 minutes away from Radolfzell. “Lochmühle” forms part of a small recreational park, where there are family-friendly attractions and a petting zoo. Girls and boys sleep in separate group studios with private bathrooms. Bed linen is provided. The farm has a homestyle restaurant where the participants and their camp counselors have breakfast and dinner together. The cooks carefully plan and serve balanced, freshly pre-pared meals. At lunchtime, participants and counselors usually eat at partner restaurants in town, and on the weekend we offer half board.

Young adults 15-17 years old:
Accommodation at the School Residence or with selected host families. Full board on course days, half board at weekends.

Best arrival airport is Zurich Airport, Switzerland. It takes 90 minutes by Swiss+German railway to school.

Bis bald! See you soon!

German courses for children and teenagers in Radolfzell

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